TB-C electromechanical chain barriers are designed to be used in larger areas where arm barriers cannot be installed. Chain barriers are used to control areas up to 20 meters wide and prevent foreign vehicles from entering these areas. The chain barrier system, safely controls wider areas, and also provides a significant cost advantage compared to standard arm barriers. The electromechanical system provides access control in the field by simultaneously lifting and lowering the chain system, which is tensioned at a certain rate between the two bollards. When the chain goes down, it enters the grooved bump on the ground, the vehicle passes over the bump. Thus, neither the chain nor the wheels are damaged.
TB-C Chain barriers are designed to fulfill the latest requirements of industry and harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to their strong mechanism and electric motor drives, barriers can handle being in use continuously.
Although the drive unit is electromechanical, in case of a power failure, it is possible for barrier system to be lifted and lowered manually.
Chain barriers can be integrated with other kinds of security access systems like tyre killers, road bollards, different kinds of barriers etc.


· 3-6 seconds operating speed according to the length,
· 20 meters of maximum chain length,
· Easy to install, low maintenance cost,
· The system can handle more than 10000+ movements per day,
· Grooved bump on the ground,
· Have an aesthetic and elegant design,
· Can be integrated with other access control systems,
· Manual control in case of power failure,
· Robust structure can resist to harsh environmental conditions.