TB-F 600 fence barrier is designed for answering specific requirements and customer needs. With its special arm with the fences, the barrier is an ideal solution to prevent stray animals or intruders.
They have a variety of usage areas such as parking lots, airports, government offices, military compounds, industrial areas, business centers and many places that requires vehicle access controlling. Fence barriers are designed to fulfill the latest requirements of industry and harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to their strong mechanism and electric motor drives, barriers can handle being in use continuously and hottest environmental conditions. Although the drive unit is electromechanical, it is possible to raise and lower the barrier system manually in case of power failure. Arm barriers with fences can be integrated with other kinds of security access systems.


  • Special arm design with fences,
  • 4-6 seconds operation time,  
  • 6.00 meters of maximum arm length,
  • Thanks to its mechanical design, arm can be mounted in reverse direction,
  • Easy to install, low maintenance cost,
  • In case of power failure, manual opening and closing from the propeller located under the engine,,
  • The system can handle more than 7500+ movements per day,
  • Aesthetic and elegant design,
  • Can be integrated with other access control systems,
  • Robust structure can resist to harsh environmental conditions.