The TFB-CT series crash-test fixed road barriers provide maximum impact resistance with their extended diameter with high core thickness, heavy calibre infrastructure and underground foundation. High impact resistant fixed barriers are specially designed to provide maximum security to protect sensitive areas without vehicle penetration and to provide a permanent blockage.

According to computer-aided analysis tests, the strength and impact resistance of the bollard is in accordance with IWA14-1: 2013 / PAS68 / ASTM M50 standards at P1 level with N3C vehicle.

The dimensional properties of high impact fixed bollards can be customized according to customers' safety requirements and wishes.

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS                                                                                              

  • Impact resistance in compliance with IWA 14-1:2013/PAS 68/ASTM M50 standards at P1 level with N3C vehicle,
  • Heavy gauge material core,
  • Aesthetic design,
  • Cost-effective solution.