TPB-EM series electromechanical road bollards provide moderate level of protection with aesthetic appearances thanks to their modern design. Also, TPB-EM series are a budget friendly solution for the projects with financial constraints and suitable for high-frequency usage.
Electromechanical bollards are widely used at high-security access applications and regulation of city traffic at entrance-exit points, military areas, industrial, governmental buildings, and streets that are closed to traffic in certain hours of the day.
Although the drive unit of the system is electromechanical, in a case of power failure, it is possible to lower the bollard manually by the help of the battery inside the control cabinet. Thanks to microprocessor controlled electronic board, the raising-lowering operation can be achieved by card readers, remote control, on/off key switches, biometric readers, etc. Safety accessories like photocells, loop detectors and other optional accessories like traffic lights, flash lights can be integrated to the system.


  • Electromechanical power pack design provides maximum reliability,
  • Thanks to modular case design, easy to installation and maintenance,
  • Smooth and silent operation,
  • Cost effective solution,
  • Suitable for intense usages, 10000 + movements per day,
  • Heavy duty structure,
  • Aesthetic designs,
  • In case of a power failure, it is possible to control manually.